USD/INR Critical Support for Short-Term Trading

In our last USD/INR Analysis, we discussed. The pair is trading near-critical Price & Time resistance area. The range of 72.29-72.60 will be the significant zone to watch out for correction.

In our last post, we also discussed the primary support for USD/INR is at 70.50 levels.

The last analysis rewarded us quite well. As after our post, pair made the high of 72.62. From there, it dropped to 70.57 levels. Both upside and downside levels were predicted well before the time.


Now at present, USD/INR is trading in a range. The short-term support for the pair is at 71.37. Any close below that will add weakness, and we can see slide towards 70.90/70.30 levels.

The significant resistance for USD/INR is at 72.50-72.70 zone. Above that, we may see short to a medium-term trend change.

Additionally, as per the Gann Analysis, the NOV month is critical for this currency pair. We can see substantial fluctuations and reactions in this month for the further market trend.

Note: Above mention Price projection & other Information are for educational purpose only.